Data Forecasts Golden Age of Asian Robot Sales

Hans Rosling’s bubble data and Morgan Stanley’s bullish research align for amazing  2017-2027

Better shine up those bots and get ready for some selling

What do recent data sets from the brainiacs at Morgan Stanley have in common with the data vizualation bubbles of the late Swedish physician-epidemiologist and statistician Hans Rosling?


For one thing, both see the phantasmagoric—but very real—enormity of the economic tsunami that’s rising up all over Asia. Specifically, it’s a Chinese tsunami, but don’t forget Southeast Asia, and definitely don’t forget about India; and not because India just pulled off a first-ever by flying 104 satellites into orbit using a single rocket, but rather, because its entire space budget is slightly over $ 1 billion.

For another thing, both Morgan Stanley and Rosling see eye to eye on the continuity of the economic convergence taking place on a nearly identical timeline.  And for yet another, both ascribe what’s taking place to the very same cause: spending! Spending by common people uplifted from poverty with extra money to put towards bettering their welfare and that of their families.

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