At CoInsights we help your business grow.

We have a global extensive network we use when solving tasks. Apart from this we have extensive experience within Robotics and Medical Devices.

We offer services within:

  • Strategy Development
  • Business Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer analysis, development of questionnaire & interviews
  • Value Proposition development
  • Change Management

We know the European market very well, including different cultures, regulations etc. If you are an Asian or a US/ Canadian based company wanting to enter Europe, we can help you get started.

Our specialty is to help your startup company fine-tune your strategy, develop a plan for growth and help implement it. Start-up companies most often do not have resources to hire a business developer, a marketing expert, maybe a regulatory expert etc. This is what CoInsights is here for. We have a thorough hands-on experience in business development and can help you.

We accept smaller jobs as well as larger jobs.


Marianne Andersen, Founder & CEO of CoInsights

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