Marianne Andersen

Founder & CEO

Marianne Andersen has 20 years of international experience as a Business Development Manager, often challenging the status quo across technology and medicine in marianne-andersen-214x300.jpgareas like the life sciences, medical devices and robotics.

She’s worked with innovators, dreamers, engineers, software developers, neurologists, surgeons and other change-makers.

Her combination of leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset has helped to build high growth companies and multidisciplinary teams of individuals passionate about technology and innovation. In her last position she was the CEO of RoboBusiness Europe, Denmark.

Marianne is bringing her experience from working at companies such as Medtronic, Unomedical, Convatec and Analogic to her new endeavor as the CEO of CoinInsights, a consulting firm.

When Marianne’s not having fun accelerating the growth of her clients, she’s out biking or kayaking around the Øresund waterway between Denmark and Sweden.

Her specialties include:

  • Business development and implementation
  • Change and engagement management
  • International marketing planning and execution
  • Innovation and new product/solution development
  • Coaching and consulting