Master Class in Global Robotics by Aseem Prakash

Robotics is developing very fast and simultaneously all over the world. Everyday, there is a new application, new innovation taking place somewhere. New silicon valleys of robotics are getting started in many places.

You are reading about them. You are hearing about them. You are getting e-mails about them. Yet, do you know what those developments mean to you? Will they make or break your business? Are you prepared for them?

Enter ‘MasterClass in Global Robotics’ if you want answers.

The ‘MasterClass in Global Robotics’ is a one-day, face-2-face course. From New Zealand to Norway, and from Singapore to South Africa, wherever robotics is happening, the MasterClass brings an in-depth understanding of that nation to your business.

Be rest assured. The goal of the MasterClass is not to dump research on you. Instead, the focus is to take you on a global journey and show you how robotics is developing in different nations.


The ‘MasterClass in Global Robotics’ is for you:

  • If you do not have time to keep track of everything.
  • If you want to find out where the next opportunity for your business might be.
  • If you want to find out where you fit inside the big picture of global robotics.
  • If you want to protect your business in home markets.
  • If you want to create a smart business development plan for markets overseas
  • ….and more.

But, there is a catch

The Master Class in Global Robotics is an intense program. There is no sugar coating. You will go home with information overload.

Here is the upside, though

  • You will get actionable intelligence on different markets.
  • You will learn about new competition and new trends.
  • You will know ‘global robotics’ and what it means for your business.

Getting Started

Do not waste time thinking you are too small to tap overseas markets or that global robotics will not affect you. If you are not prepared to invest in it, do not be surprised or shocked when global robotics shows up at your doorstep. Or, it is too late because the market opportunity is gone to competition.

Please contact for prices, to register or for more information.

Aseem Prakash

Aseem Prakash is a global futurist working in a strategy innovation lab, Center for Innovating the Future, in Toronto, Canada. His work involves creating new visions for companies and helping them prepare for the future. Aseem is also a columnist for Robotics Business Review, an industry journal based in Boston, USA, where he contributes about robotics in India. He has been speaking on ‘Co-Existing with Robots’ at the University of Toronto’s lecture series in March/April 2016. Recently, Aseem worked on a project providing actionable intelligence on intelligent transportation and self-driving cars to one of the top three highest valued startups in the world. The project covered 40 countries. Aseem has worked in different roles with various types of organizations across multiple industries in 12+ countries across Asia-Pacific and North America. He has lived in India, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, USA and Canada.