We help startups make investment winning pitches. 

We offer individual programs for pitch training. We work together with Universities to offer pitch training to entrepreneurs associated to a univerisity entrepreneur course/ startup hub. Or we offer one-to-one training sessions. We help you sharpen your pitch to be winning and convincing – we also train pitching in order to give you insights regarding body language and all parts of the pitch so that you are very well prepared.


Important parts of the pitch:

  1. The pain ( and the gain):
    • What challenge are you solving and how many people need to solve this issue?
  2. Solution/ product:
    • What is your product and how does it work. Have you tested your product with customers?
  3. Customer Traction:
    • What is your success so far. Any customer references? Any quotes? PS: Always use facts to strengthen your pitch.
  4. What is unique:
    • What is unique about your solution/product and have you validated that people will pay to have it solved?
  5. Investment: How did you raise money so far?
    • What investment are you looking for? ( money, network, mentor, technology, partnerships..)
  6. Business Model:
    • How do you get paid? What is the opportunity for growth? How can you expand?
  7. Team:
    • Who is part of the team and what do they bring?