Marianne Andersen found the inspiration for HIGH 5 GIRLS inspiration while visiting Silicon Valley and SRI International. Here, Curt Carlson talked about their Girls Middle School project for 7th-grade girls. Silicon Valley was ahead of Denmark with entrepreneurship at the time (2007). It inspired her to leave a big, global business and become an entrepreneur. Since then, ​​Girls Middle School has inspired Marianne. In 2019, she met with other technology women who also wanted to get more girls to choose the STEM + entrepreneurial pathway. This was the start of High5Girls.


“An entrepreneur sees challenges as an invitation to find opportunities. Life is full of challenges. When you see one, use it to become wiser, lift yourself up and get stronger.” 

High5Girls is an organization focused on attracting young women, between the ages of 13-19, into the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They’ll learn to think like entrepreneurs by exploring needs and discovering solutions.

In keeping with STEM and the UN global goals for women, we believe young women can learn new skills and maximize their chances to find new and exciting careers. We’re proud to support the global effort to empower young women to create, innovate, tinker and turn their ideas into reality.

The mission is to make girls FUTURE-HAPPY. Starting now.