Today, there are many hightech, robotic and medical device innovators with bold ideas that could have tremendous value for society. Sometimes, they don’t get the support they need to launch from the lab and into the marketplace.

We want to give those ideas a chance to thrive. We want to drag dreamers and inventors from research organizations or conservative companies—and set them free.

CoInsights champions innovative technology and companies that have the potential to help make the world a better place to live in.

We use our extensive experience in strategy and business development, market analysis, segmentation, value proposition design and change management to advance big ideas and give them the attention they deserve

Our clients are imagining things that have never been thought of before, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They are proof that innovations that address hard problems can create great businesses that make our lives better.

Marianne Andersen has been working internationally for 25 years in: USA, Europe & Asia. Several times she has been an employee in American owned companies, and has experienced “take overs” from Danish to American owned companies, such as: Brüel & Kjær to Analogic, Unomedical to Convatec and Dantec to Medtronic When Convatec took over Unomedical, she became a change agent and was the Danish representative in a global team, with the assignment to give the American leadership ideas on how to increase the motivation in the company.

Additionally, Marianne will share her experience from working on a global level: How it is for a Dane to work with Germans, Dutch, French, Italians, Japanese, Chinese… or Americans…

Marianne has a degree in Electrical Engineering and an eMBA. Her primary workplaces have been around medtech companies, and in the last few years with robots (production, agriculture, health, social robots, artificial intelligence (AI) etc.). Today she is CEO of CoInsights, which helps startup companies throughout the world with exciting technological solutions – primarily within medtech or robotics.